Connectxion, Singapore

I did

Logo Design / Corporate Collateral Design / Responsive Web Design / Graphic Design / SEO

I used

Illustrator / Photoshop / WordPress


Connectxion is a new company that needed a logo and online presence. Jeanette wanted to stand out amongst all the other executive search firms with a bold, fresh and vibrant logo, visual language and website.


We helped Connectxion to design a logo that is strong and decided on a vibrant and bold colour palette that is not very common within the executive search industry.


Logo Concept

The logo is made up of two “T”s that are arranged to form a “X”. It folds and fits together, expanding on the “jigsaw” concept. The wordmark is set in all lowercase to portray friendliness.

If you look closely at the wordmark, you might be able to see an arrow between “t” and “x”, similar to the FedEx hidden arrow. This symbolises that Connectxion is always moving forward.

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