Elyse Anne

Rebrand x Website Makeover

What we did

Logo Design / WordPress Web Design / Visual Identity Development / Graphic Design / SEO

The Concept

Elyse Anne runs a very successful Facebook group, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs. She has a very mutually-beneficial relationship with her community, and as the host of the group, she leads her community in her own unique way.

That’s what the logo is about.

The 6-sided star in her logo is extracted from the middle of a larger star that was created using sacred geometry.

Like the smaller star, she is a part of something much bigger than her, which is her community. At the same time, as a leader, she’s in the centre of it all.

The inner borders form the letters “EA” to represent her initials, and the horizontal line across the star is like an arrow moving forward, and it can also be interpreted as a shooting star.


EA signature

Elyse Anne alternative marks

Visual Identity

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