SixClouds Logo Design x Visual Identity Development

Scope of Work
Logo Design / Visual Identity Design / Visual Identity Guidelines
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Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

SixClouds specialises in delivering quality educational programmes through a variety of bespoke multi-media platforms. SixClouds combines practical and fun educational content with the ease of technology enabled access to bring knowledge to the masses.

SixClouds approached me to design a logo and a simple visual identity system for them.

Logo Concept

From my research, I found that there are a lot of logos that contain the cloud symbol. As SixClouds was targeting the Chinese market, I also looked into Chinese logos as well, and found a common feature in most of them – they included a "cute" element using either faces or animals.

I had to come up with something creative yet fun, given that they are in the business of education. I created a cute face by combining the number “6” with a cloud, with the 6 forming the top of the head to give the logo a unique hairstyle, and with the use of negative space, the shape of a cloud formed the face.


What I found during my research – too many clouds! Cute Chinese logos

The logo is versatile and recognisable The logo in use

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